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Our Mission

The City Spirit Council is a collaboration of city officials and community members committed to building awareness, leadership and solutions to community concerns regarding social justice and equity from throughout the Lewiston and Auburn communities. Most recently the City Spirit Council has been engaged in the development of a


dual-city equity statement in order to provide a common foundation and commitment to the healing of inequity and provide space and opportunity for truly equitable approaches for all community members to flourish. 


City SPIRIT is an initiative that started two years ago with the joining of community leaders, elected officials, educators and beyond for the common purpose of identifying pressing community concerns and challenges and to then collaboratively develop solutions and actions to move our community forward.

This moment in history has empowered us to re-ignite the CitySpirit work because we believe that this challenging time is also an opportunity to reshape our own community towards one of belonging, inclusion, and equity.


The pandemic and worldwide protests force all of us to rethink how we do business and serve in the world, which is why resetting the CitySpirit table of partners is critical. Establishing a joint equity statement for the cities of Lewiston and Auburn is a crucial first step in the process. Equity statements provide a common foundation that commits cities to the healing of inequality and discrimination, and provides space and opportunities for truly equitable approaches to flourish for all community members.

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